The Fox-dale Railway

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I am now a member of a very fast growing group called the IOM15milgroup. We are a group of people who build garden railways in 15mm to the foot scale for 45mm gauge track. Please visit the site at:
There's loads going on there at the moment, with exciting news about all things Isle of Man garden railway.

Where it all began:


My grandfather worked all his life with steam and ended his carear on the Isle of Man Railway (IMR) as chief engineer in the Douglas workshops. Consequently, every opportunity I got when I was on holiday in the Isle of Man, I was down in the sheds in Douglas, facinated by the steam engines.

When I got the chance, during my schooling on the Island, I did my work experience on the railway based in Douglas. On my return to the Island during the holidays from university, I got a job as the station master at Port Soderic. I spent may vary happy days sitting waiting for the next train to pass through and setting the points to let them pass.

So the connections to the Isle of Man and the steam railway are strong. The descovery that Accucraft will make 15mm to one foot scale models of various engines from the Isle of Man, and that they will be live steam, is simply amazing and the starting point for this project. Click here to see more about the Loco's and rolling stock that will be featured (when I've saved up all my pennies).

I am half way through landscaping the garden of our house, and it should accomodate a garden railway rather well. My wife isn't opposed to the idea, so I just have to save up, plan well, and keep her keen. The Landscape project is underway, and you can Click here to follow the progress.

It's all in a name

So how did I come up with calling my railway after a line on the Isle of Man Railway (IMR)? It's quite simple really, we have foxes in the garden, and I wanted it to have something to do with the IMR. The Fox-dale Railway seemed only too appropriate. So I'm going to put together information that I find along the way, links, articles and photos, about the original Foxdale line in the Isle of Man just here in the Background Research - The Foxdale Line. Also in the background research section, I'll be putting information on, and photos of, the Isle of Man Locomotives in the research section too.

Creating a dream

It's going to be a long process as I have a very limited amount of cash I can put aside for the task,  but in the meantime, I'm going to try to work it out on the computer. There'll be all sorts of info in the Railway Layout section, including 3d models for scketchup, and hopefully updates on how my layout is coming on.

Don't forget those who helped!

I've made a whole section on this site dedicated to links to useful websites that I find along the way, and most importantly of all, Credits and Acknowledgements for those who have helped and provided images that I use here.

I hope you enjoy the website, and please come again soon.