Loco's and rolling stock

So, having discovered that it is possible to get Isle of Man loco's 15mm to 1foot scale for 45mm G gauge track, it is now my target to save up for the Accucraft model of the No. 6 loco, Peveril (not yet released). I'm trying to collect all the images that I can find of the loco and collate them so that I can build up a picture of what I am going to get.

Christmas brings the Peveril ever closer, and the money target is heading in the right direction. It's looking like it'll be available in February, but as I want the remote controll version, I believe it will take a little longer. March maybee? The excitement is crazy!

When I get it, I'll take photos, test it, and review it for everyone to see and read about.

The current fleet:

No.6 Peveril by Accucraft is added to the fleet (of 1 45mm gauge locos). Photos, videos and other information about the running of this lovely little loco.

I have an old Mamod loco that I am going to run on 45mm track, which makes a great little first loco. Click on the image on the left for a bigger picture. I'll add more pics soon. As it stands at the moment is is set up for running on the standard Mamod track, so it needs a bit of work. I'm considering re-painting it and adding new lining, just to make it a bit unique.

As a bit of an extra, I also have a Mamod steam roller. I intend to "use" it to lay the track bed. Should be a bit of fun at least. Click on the photograph for more pictures.

Rolling stock:


I've aloso got my first rolling stock! The Accucraft Isle of Man "Pairs" brake composite. Click on the photograph for more pictures.

I'm also working on a scratch-built carriage at the moment and progress can be followed at IOM15mmgroup - Bill's Carriage model

With the real Foxdale line being a mining line, I'm going to have to make some goods wagons at some point too.